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Breast Cancer screening

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy encountered by the woman of today. It is a disease process, which is not restricted to any age; it spares no race color or creed. According to statistical estimates every 1 in 8 to 1 in 15 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. Every woman’s risk is different and depends on a combination of factors, some of which are alterable. Age, race, gender, geographic location, family history, age of menarche and age of menopause are factors that are non modifiable. However women should try and avoid risk factors that are within their control; avoid late first birth of their child, have more than one baby, breast feed all children, avoid hormone replacement therapy, avoid smoking and alcohol use. In contradiction to common misconceptions breast cancer generally carries a good prognosis and is treatable in most cases. The key to successful treatment is early detection and prompt medical attention.

Self Protection Guidelines:

Just follow three important steps:

  • Do a simple breast self-exam every month at home.
  • Get an annual mammography from the age of 40 onwards.
  • Get a clinical breast exam by your doctor every three years starting from age 20 and every year starting from age 40.

Key Points

  • Breast cancer can happen to any women. But it is curable if detected early.
  • Early detection can increase survival rates by upto 90%.


All the consultations will be done under strict confidentiality with the professional Female doctor who will guide you through the entire procedure and give you the expert advice.

  • Primary care consultation – complete history & physical examination
  • BMI
  • Nutritional assessment/consultation

    • CXR (PA View)
    • Ultrasound Breast (Bilateral)
    • Mammography (Bilateral)

    Note: If you are pregnant, Please intimate the physician

    • CBC / ESR
    • RFT’s
    • LFT’s
    • HBsAg
    • Anti HCV
    • Lipid Profile
    • Thyroid Profile
    • Stool for occult blood
    • HIV
    • Iron, TIBC
    • Ferritin
    • Coagulation Profile
    • Vitamin D total
    • BSF/BSR
    • Urine RE

    • Breast Doppler Studies
    • Ultrasound (Abdomen and Pelvis)
    • HSV PCR
    • Dexa Scan (Lumbar spines)
    • ETT


    • All the tests/examinations are conducted under strict confidentiality.
    • The health checks are carried out upon appointments.
    • Some tests might be omitted/added depending upon individual needs or as per recommendation of your personal doctor.